Foreign people face many challenges when coming to the US. Their challenges go from housing, language, cultural shock, food, etc. A wide variety of issues, concerns and fears that may need immediate attention. How do we help people connect and find what they are looking for? But most importantly, how to do it in their own language and in their own community? Genus is an app where people from different countries can find help or help others with their needs. Whether they need advice about getting their driver license, or translation services to call utility providers, or just help finding a special ingredient to cook their favorite dish. Our app appeals to the goodness in people willing to help and share their knowledge and expertise. People that speak the same language and want to do something kind for others.

How does work? It all starts by creating a profile: Name, Age, Gender, Email, Phone #, City: Once a profile has been created, the user can access to the app and can start their search by City and select the language they speak natively or have learned. The user will get an option to select the type of help, NEED or GIVE.

A user in NEED for help would to select from the options available: "Legal", "Medical", "Food", "School", "Transportation", "Recreation", "Housing", "Utilities", "ESL". A user that will GIVE help will check the boxes of the areas of expertise that they are willing to help people with. The GIVE help user is not necessarily from the same county as the NEED user, but would be able to speak the same language. If NEED help is selected, the user will get a list with people that are currently active on the app and willing to assist based on the user's city. A simple touch will send an IM to the GIVE help user, indicating someone needs help. The GIVE help user can then proceed to call the NEED help user (phone number will be masked to protect GIVE help user’s privacy). Once the interaction is completed, both NEED and GIVE help users will be able to rate their experience. If the NEED help user is unable to find assistance, he will get the option to look for Institutions/Companies that will be able to help. The user will send a message to the Institution/Company and they will contact back the user to GIVE assistance. The GIVE help user, will make himself available in the app to be contacted by any user that matches the criteria. They can make themselves available or unavailable as needed.

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