Communication made perfecto-mundo: Mundohub.


Our team has taken inspiration from a topic very close to our hearts (and our heads). Education is a system of society that we all personally related to, and one that has been heavily impacted by Covid-19. As students, we all witnessed how the onset of Covid-19 started to slowly affect our academic life; from the delay of Semester 1 classes, to the transition of social distancing, down to completely learning through online platforms. So we decided that education was the segment we wanted to target.

What it does

Mundohub enables parents and teachers to communicate in an all in one platform. From direct messages between parties, to accessing Covid-19 and school updates, finding school sourced educational activities - Mundohub helps engage parents with their child's remote learning. The main differentiation point is the language feature; so parents can toggle the app to be in their preferred language. This feature was designed to break down the language barriers parents may face in communicating with their child's teachers.

How we built it

Mural was a workspace tool which gave us the opportunity to plan and visualise our business model. The pre-set template gave an overview of the different sections of the business model we needed to consider. Canva was the design tool used to select the colour palette and fonts to be used throughout our prototype. The Figma software was the prototype tool used to create our UI prototype for our iPhone and iPad applications demos. Our presentation was structured with Canva, which allowed us to maintain the same muted colour palette used in our demo designs. We aimed to showcase both the demo of the app and the value proposition side by side to give our judges better visualisation of how the app actually worked. Finally, the finishing touches were added through the DaVinci Resolve video-making software to complete our final product.

Challenges we ran into

While we're a group of forewomen, there were a few key skills that were lacking within the group. The main one being use and knowledge of technology skills. We worked around it by listening intently and interacting in the workshop and making use of the video recordings and other online resources to figure out how to use tools like Figma and DaVinci Resolve. We were also bogged down with idea formulations during the early stages of the week. We overcame it through market research and finding out what our target audience was looking for. The stringent 3 minute limit of our final video challenged us to write succinctly. We had to prioritise on which aspects we found most important to feature in our final video. It was difficult cutting things out like the iPad prototype, which some of us spent ages on to create. However, we worked around it by ensuring that it would be featured in the DevPosts as a reflection of future potential.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Madness Monday Today was the day! The day to pioneer a potentially ground breaking product. As a group we quickly jumped into brainstorming ideas into the segments impacted by COVID-19. Collectively, we were proud for making the decision to trial out new programs like Notion and Slack. Virtual mingling sessions provided an opportunity for us to build our networking skills, expanding our global professional network.

Thoughtful Tuesday Through an amazing workshop conducted by Ryan MacCarrigan, we all learnt the wonders of Mural and discovered the platform of Figma which we planned on using later to create our product prototype. Although we had established a focus on the education segment (and worked on our mural accordingly), we kept an open mind to business pivots as there are a whole heap of exploratory workshops later in the day.

Wicked Wednesday We've officially come up with an idea as of Wednesday July 1! It's taken us a bit of time to work out which audience we wanted to target, but with inspiration from our own experiences as students with parents who speak English as their second language, we've decided to create a tool that can translate messages sent between teachers and parents.

The Tables Turn (on) Thursday Thursday was a big day for making our vision into a reality. Two words: Matthew. Kwong. In the space of 5 hours, we not only came up with a design palette (compiling a colour palette, logo and fonts), but also started our careers as UI wannabes thanks to Matt, and then got schooled by Matt in mentor hours. A fat pivot just before Checkpoint 6 was a big eye opener but one for the greater good. Changing our target market and core product to address the appropriate pain points and target market helped to drive us in the right direction.

Friday: Fore(Wo)men Figure (out) Figma_ We are proud to announce we have unlocked a big milestone: our UI prototype has been finalised and been test-run by our very trusty panel of supportive test users (our parents). We created both a prototype on a smartphone and an iPad to demonstrate the potential for Mundohub to expand its accessibility on other platforms in the future.
We stay up late tonight and some pull an all nighter to finish perfecting our final product.

What we learned

Hacker Exchange's Great Global Challenge was a path of discovery for all of us. We endeavoured to make the best of the resources we were given; and that started with challenging ourselves to collaborate on non conventional communication and workspace platforms. We learnt to tackle time differences, sending regular updates to team members who faced the opposite time zones. We built on team work skills; assigning members to rotate scribe roles for each workshop or panel. This enabled other members to be able to work on the project or time for them to study for external exams. We wrapped up our week of intensive learning with a small reflection on every team member's contribution. During this 1am zoom call we all outlined each other's strengths that came through during the week. For Kim, it was her perfectionism that enabled only the best work to be produced, Holly's amazing way of creating impactful messages, Haoru's thoughtfulness in always giving a helping hand, and Lina for bringing the group together. This helped each individual learn more about their working styles and how it can be used to strengthen their next group project.

What's next for GGC-team-16

We've all connected with each other on LinkedIn. Although we are all relatively distributed around the world, this project has proven that time zones and cultural borders won't stop us from conquering the next global disruption.

Built With

  • canva
  • davinciresolve
  • english
  • figma
  • vietnamese
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