GGABURI Metronome is a silent and quiet metronome. It uses vibration function instead of making a sound. You don’t have to hear the unnecessary noise when you play and record music. Feel the rhythm coming from the wrist!

GGABURI (kkabool-i) means a playful kid in Korean humorously. This is a word to describe the wriggling movement of our application. This property make a paradoxical characteristic feature — dynamic and calm.

You can adjust the length of vibration as a favorite. Change the setting to suit you!


 - Metronome using vibration. Beat sounds and the music is never mixed.

Intuitive Interface:
 - Just by dragging corners of a screen, you can change the setting simply.

User-defined setting elements:
 - BPM
 - Time signature
 - Length of vibration

New Features (v2.0.0)

- Recording Function was added. You can record your playing with vibrating metronome.
- This app was uppdated to support Gear S and all the type of screen resolution.

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