Predicting the next play is fun, but a crowd element that was inspired by HQ2 brought in the idea of competing with dynamic scoring!

What it does

Very little sadly ;D

The React Native app is live on Google Beta, currently users are able to login, select a game, select an inning and post plays to the API and have them saved to dynamodb.

How I built it

Wrote the API using the serverless framework utilizing AWS API Gatewaye and DynamoDB.

The front end is in React Native.

User management is done in Firebase.

Challenges I ran into

Not enough React Native experience, or experience integrating with the Sports Radar API :) And more time!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting the API up and connected to React Native and in Android Beta

What I learned

Even basic CRUD APIs take time without a real clear plan of the spec. Going back and keeping services in sync consumed far more time! Next time - have a swagger spec written in advance ;)

What's next for GG

Integrate with Sport Rader to pull in the Real Data - on updates, dynamodb stream to calculate the points. View the odds in the app.

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