We got this idea because we have been in the situation of having to move to another country for work and having trouble finding a place to live. We think it is a fairly common occurrence for people around the world. We are also conscient about the big problem of speculation in the real estate market, so when it was time to decide on a project we saw that we could offer a solution to both problems by creating a platform there would be a globally centralized and trusted real estate market, so that by using blockchain we could provide a public listing of the pricings and a trusted point of reference, tackling with that the speculation problem. At the same time we would be offering a simplier way of searching and doing a real estate transaction from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

What it does

Our platform offers a global trusted real estate market, with the possibility for the users to update a property and also to rent one.

How we built it

To build our system we have used Nodejs for the server and Reactjs for the platform. To be able to have unique trusted idenifiers for our users we have used Identitychain API, with it we are able to verify the validity of the credentials of the users before the transactions so the owners can trust the renters. To build the transaction system we have made different smart contracts on the ethereum network in hashtaX platform.

Challenges we ran into

At first we had difficulty with the understanding of the different APIs and the use of them, so we didn't really know what solution would be the best to use for our solution.

More specifically we had a bit of trouble with the implementation of the onboarding of a user by an issuer in the IdentityChain API. We also had a bit trouble executing the ethereum smart contracts functions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In spite of having a bit of trouble implementing our solution, by the end we have made a working platform even if it doesn't have all the functionalities that we would wanted to.

What we learned

we have discovered that there are a lot of valid solutions out there that help you to develop projects using blockchain solutions without the need to be a blockchain expert.

What's next for gflat

What we would have wanted to implement is a system to link the unique verified identifier of a person as a unique key to unblock the property appliances at the time of the validated transaction. With that it would be possible to use the identifier as a keypass to enter the home or to link it with the gas, whater, light providers, so the new renter would have all the control and knowledge of the spending inmidiatelly after the transaction was done. And once the contract would finish the propiety would return to the owner. This way it would make the transition seamless for both renter and leaser.

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