The non-profit organization Girl Force has recently started up a program through which girls ages 14-22 years old can get connected to mentors that will help them to build their leadership skills and become the women they want to be. Located in San Diego, Girl Force is hoping to expand this program to be accessible to girls throughout the United States. An area of concern is that, as this program expands, it may become difficult to create and maintain a personal relationship between mentors and mentees as the physical distance between them grows.

What it does

Our solution is a website that connects mentees and mentors through profiles that reflects the individuality of the person. Potential mentees will not only be able to share their skills, interests, and what they wish to learn, but also which personal traits they want to develop, such as public speaking and confidence. They will also be able to share what kind of person they want to see themselves become (personality- and career-wise). If they do not yet know which direction in life they want to go, they can share that, too! All of this information will help to match girls with a mentor that can help them become the leaders of the future.

On the other hand, the mentors can share not only their academic and professional background, but also their availability, what kind of help they would like to provide to their mentees (personal-development, academic or career advice and coaching), and the ways they are able to or prefer to communicate with their mentors. This will also help with matching and help mentees chose their mentors.

Potential mentees can also search for mentors with keywords that reflect their interests and areas in which they wish to improve. For example, someone looking to improve their public speaking skills will type “public speaking” in the search box, and they will get a list of available mentors that are interested in helping someone improve their public speaking skills. Mentees can then view their profiles and even send a message to the mentor informing them that they are interested in being mentored by them.

How I built it

My team developed webpages from scratch, implementing the form through which the profiles are created and examples of how profiles will look. We also created webpages using SquareSpace to demonstrate the organization and feel of the website.

Challenges I ran into

Creating a website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Presenting a design that shows a solution to the problem to creating connections that stretch across the nation.

What we learned

We learned how to bring our ideas together and design a website.

What's next for gfConnect

We are looking forward to Girl Force using our website to run their mentorship program. We would also be interested in the development of a mobile application, as it would allow for users to check messages on the go.

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