Lab-On-a-Chip technology created in Professor Sia’s lab at Columbia University! EWOD is a type of lab on a chip, which allows scientists, engineers, practitioners, etc. to perform tests directly on a chip, so they can do it wherever it is needed, on the spot.

What it does

EWOD stands for electrowetting-on-dielectric. It provides for a multifaceted use of microfluidics by managing fluid shape and flow with electrical signaling alone. GEWOD provides an interactive component to the EWOD which makes the existing technology more accessible to researchers, clinicians, and other leaders in the healthcare system. It is a cheaper, compact, and reliable form of implementing the EWOD technology.

How we built it

hardware: built an ewod from scratch, using a copper sheet, custom milled, cleaned using hydrogen peroxide, and a sheet of saran wrap, oiled with camellia oil. Wires are soldered and hooked up to 250 volts and connected to an arduino. software: flask server, stream phone camera, bootstrap, computer vision

Challenges we ran into

many hardware issues.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for GEWOD

We’re going to change the name and create modular EWODs that can be specialized for more specific tasks (i.e. lab testing)

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