Mike - During my business writing class one day, the class was asked to find business consultants specific to to the field you were researching. We searched and search on google, but locating an exact individual was to hard to find.

What it does

This program is a content based search engine that allows the user to choose related articles and the algorithm learns from that and re searches to give the user a more exact answer.

How we built it

The front end is build with bootstrap, html, css and javascript. the backend is built with python and Flask

Challenges we ran into

The time the algorithm takes to run is O(n^2) and we ran out of time to refine it down to O(n) Connecting form expressions from the front end to the backend Figuring out ways to cash Some inputed text the program does not like

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the program to run We gained a lot of experience with Flask

What we learned

We learned more about connecting front end and backend components together in order to pass live data We learned more about requests and templates

What's next for GetYourSearchOn

Refining the running time of the algorithm Testing to make sure it can compute all inputed text

Built With

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