We can barely code, surely we can't manage to be on time anywhere.

How it works

It doesn't. But if it would, we'd have an Android client that creates deadlines you'd have to meet- not only deadlines on time but location as well. The android client sends live coordinates data when it feels it's getting close to a deadline, but the server does the book keeping. Every time you are late to leave the house or late to a meeting, you have to pay. Whilst the device you'd be sure is smart, we've let the server do the book keeping, so you can't cheat it. In fact, even if you're on time, but your phone has no internet access or battery, well, tough luck, you're late in our book.

Challenges I ran into

Time, knowledge. Some of us tried out new things, some of us had never even programmed before.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We all learned new things.

What I learned

I explored, and I can't say that I learned, because I didn't, I explored a new language.

What's next for GetOut

Also, one of the pictures is a 7zip file.

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