GetMe.Pizza is built out of a personal need to allow my followers to support me with small amounts of crypto in a more meaningful way than just asking to gib money.

Then I thought... Hey, maybe artists, influencers, and other creators could use this too.

What it does

GetMe.Pizza allows fans to tip creators in crypto and allows creators to stay connected with fans.

How we built it

I built GetMe.Pizza using Next, Firebase, Moralis, Wagmi, Chainlink, RainbowKit, and Tailwindcss.

Challenges we ran into

I had some challenges implementing chainlink data feeds across all chains that the contracts are launched on (Binance, Poly, Fantom) but then realised I could deploy the contracts with create2 then set the Aggregator addresses on each chain/contract after deploying.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a tipping dapp thats simple and very user friendly with very nice UX.

What we learned

I learned a deeper understanding of chainlink as well as Firebase.

What's next for GetMePizza

I would like to add token-gated posts and membership features while growing the user base organically.

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