GetIt! Allows anybody who is ready to embark on the completion of a goal, or a goal Seeker to partner with as many Motivators to receive encouragement, gifts, and support of any kind as they work towards completing their goal.

GetIt! Assumes that you already have been kick-started in some way and that now you could really use loving folks who want to see you succeed- the Motivators- they motivate you through personal messages and gifts.

GetIt! Utilizes two things to allow this exchange between Seekers and Motivators- Milestones and Validations; Goal Seekers setup Milestones that they must meet on their journey, and, Goal Motivators attach gifts to each one these milestones. Validation happens when the Motivator receives a document/picture from the Seeker that signifies a completed Milestone- this could be a picture of the Seeker at a Hackathon, this could be a screenshot of the Seekers ChallengePost submission. When the Motivator accepts the Validating article the gift is transferred to the Seeker rewarding them for their completed milestone.

GetIt! Incorporates browsing abilities that let Motivators search for Goal Seekers by Milestone name (querying the database) or by Goal titles.

GetIt! Uses the Send Grid API that allows notifications to be sent to Seekers and Motivators as different things come to pass within the app (like Milestone Validation submissions etc.).

GetIt! Best used for Goals that require a long commitment - like a 4 year college degree: Every student we've talked too, including some of us get to this slump in the 4 year college experience, having someone who is committed to motivation and gift giving for our hard work is someone who will keep us working hard- keep us on track to achieve and do great things in life.

GetIt! Allows you to play either role, you can be a Goal Seeker and a Goal Motivator interchangeably.

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