• Coding a programming language is hard especially for first time programmers. We aren't actually experienced nor are we experts at coding however, after attending the 'Intro to iOS' workshop, we were inspired to work on an iOS application. We all have MacBooks so we decided, "Why not?"! This Womxn Hack has inspired us to inspire others.

  • It is called GetInspiuwud because... lets get inspired!! Uwu was implemented because of its highly meme usage in social media.

What it does

  • GetInspiuwud, GetInspired, is an iOS app that allows users to get inspired by many quotes implemented in the app itself. After clicking the 'Get Inspired' button on the home screen, inspirational quotes and relaxing images will appear.

How we built it

  • We use XCode from the App Store which is an integrated development environment for macOS. We also used swift to create this project.

Challenges we ran into

  • Multiple. First, we were unfamiliar with the software and the functions of many features of XCode. However, as we spent more time trying, we were able to figure out the functions such as adding a button to the screen. Once we solved that, we also realized that we wanted the background to change, not just the color but we also wanted to have different images whenever the user presses a button. When we finally figured that out, we wanted to integrate various inspirational quotes that users are able to read through instead of having just a small set of quotes, which was another challenge. When we were done with the project, we had a challenge with the file due to the location of images. We found out that we just needed to redirect the location of the images.

  • There were too many challenging parts to this project because we all never touched XCode nor did we have any experiences with swift and the software itself.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are very proud of everything we have made. We are proud that with our app, users will be able to read through all different kinds of motivational quotes that can not only comfort them but also inspire them to accomplish something great. Furthermore, we are proud with our logo as well as our app name, which is GetInspiuwud because it not only represents our positive energy but it also represents who we are as beginner coders.

What we learned

  • The more we ran into challenging problems, the more we learn about XCode and swift. We learned the software and functions of many features of XCode. In addition, we also learned the basic fundamentals of Swift's syntax and its semantics.

What's next for GetInspired

  • In the future, we will implement more functions and advanced methods into the application. We could create a list of things we could do in the single app. The list of things could range from having inspirational people with descriptions of their important roles in society, a simple stress-free game to relax and more!

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