We gathered here to find a solution for public healthcare sector because of personal experience. We are motivated by the opportunity to make an impact to our environment and make future patient experience is more pleasant and easy when contact public clinics.

What it does

GetHealth provides easy access to public healthcare services. It brings down the communication gap between individuals and healthcare service provider. Our solution aims to narrow the gap in health services between public and private sectors.

User can: Book an appointment to doctor in one minute / No wasted time and nerves on the phone queue line Can make visual communication between nurse/doctor and patient / Reduces costs and risk of spreading of disease, as well as filters Show, compare the queue lines online when choosing clinic Instant consultation and diagnosis / Filters and distinguish different diagnosis by priorities(emergency or can wait?) Obtain sick leave certificate/no need to go for it to the clinic

How we built it

By using a design thinking method: 360 Understanding Observation Synthesis Ideation Prototyping Testing

Challenges we ran into

The are many issues in the healthcare industry. How to pinpoint the main issues or the most critical issues which are at hand? Who are the main users? How can we utilize the existing tools?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our solution makes the healthcare industry more accessible to the public as well as provides the necessary information about available services to everyone. With our product, one can access the services easier and get the needed information all in one place.

What we learned

Different techniques for solving the problem:

· Talk to people who have experienced the system

· Clear the tasks with post-it laps to arrange them in the best order

· Make wireframes

· Begin the Graphical UI work

· Ask people who are in the target group about the order of the screens (is this logical)

· Scenario-based testing for the prototype

· Finalize the Graphical UI work

· Documentation

What's next for GetHealth

   How would the app look and work from the Heath Professional point of view

· How to get/connect and organize the data from “omakanta”, Dental services and external healthcare providers to match and work with the app so that it is a easy-use Archive for the patient history (probably integrated one at the time)

· Testing for the privacy and information leak (probably onnect with a secure company)

Built With

  • ui
  • brain
  • passion
  • love
  • care
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