Problem Statement: There are lots of navigation applications available. Be it any platform android, iOS, windows or web we have a handful of applications performing various functionality. Take Google maps for example, it can provide you accurate details about various navigation paths as well as many insightful details about your neighborhood. The 'Metro App' gives us the real time information about nearby buses. But, it fails the main aspect of providing details about the sudden lane closure on your course. The same is with other such navigation applications. Even the traffic delays can't be predicted accurately. This is where the usage of 'get directed' comes into picture.

Target Audience: GetDirected intends to provide a single solution for all the available navigation needs and we believe instead of generalization, concentration on a particular location can help in the data collection. Consider, providing a lane closure application for all the states of US. The logistics and the amount of effort spent on data collection is so huge that by the time the information reaches the user it would already be delayed. This part of the software release concentrates the people of Houston and help in providing a better platform for their navigation needs.

Data Source: The data source is the most important part of the application. There are two different parts of the application.

  1. We obtain data from reliable resources like the government site like Greater Houston Transportation and Emergency Management Center and provide the users as an accurate lane closure and special events data
  2. The other part is the one dealing on social networks. Based on the various web feeds, tweets and facebook posts we are planning to develop an engine which can predict the traffic delays and other lane closure details. This is not the part of this release.

Design: We have used the google-maps-api for this part of the software release. We believe it will give the users an easier transition from their normal daily usage.

Privacy: At no part of the application, there is no data obtained from the user and being stored in any part of the system. This is because, all the data available in the application are already available to the users via various sources and getdirected helps in collecting and presenting it at a single platform.

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