Inspiration Every month I manage my incoming and outgoing funds with a spreadsheet on my computer and a memo on my phone. I use symbols to represent when the payments have been posted or are in the process of being withdrawn. Management is tedious but I know exactly how much spending money I have left over between paychecks. The team thought is would be a good idea to centralize all this management so that it's easier to manage.

What it does Our idea is to be an add on for mobile banking to track all incoming and outgoing expenses. The add on would include all bills for the entire month so the user knows how much their monthly bills total and their due dates. The user will input expected income between paychecks and the total of the bills due will be deducted from expected income. The user will be able to add and deduct from total funds whenever they want to reflect instances when they have, for example, $800 in the bank and $100 cash in their wallet.

How I built it The app was created using Ionic

Challenges I ran into A challenge so far is integrating a database

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned We learned some new technologies we hadn't previously worked with

What's next for GetBud Some extra features would be to include statistics to let the user know how much they are spending over the long term.

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