Problem: In the times of COVID19, a platform to redistribute food that was originally slated for hotels, cruise lines, airlines and schools is now open for purchase/donation to retailers, individuals, businesses and charities.

Solution: Create a universal platform that will allow wholesales to sign up to sell their goods and connect them with potential buyers.

What it does

Video Narration:

As more and more people grapple with the scarcity of supermarket goods, there are a lot of wholesale food sellers that have not been able to sell their food that would normally cater to hotels,cruise lines,airlines, high end restaurants across the world. The sales from these wholesales has dropped as much as 70%.

In order to avoid waste GetBread is here to help get the word out to people in need such as small businesses, charities and individuals that are struggling to find food.

No matter if you are a small business, charity or individual trying to provide for your family, GetBread is a universal platform that will fill the supply chain gap that currently exists, connecting wholesalers with potential local customers outside of the wholesaler industry.

GetBread will allow wholesalers to redistribute produce goods such as bread, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables among others. Customers will now find groceries that may no longer be available in supermarkets.

GetBread will connect volunteers to help deliver the produce between the wholesalers and the customer, this will minimize exposure in high-risk groups. Wholesalers will also have the option of delivering the produce themselves or customer pickup when possible.

GetBread will also provide a safe and secure way for payment.

Customers can place orders in their local communities based on location, choosing the nearest option available and have the produce or goods delivered to their doorstep, it’s that easy :)

GetBread connecting +wholesalers to communities worldwide.

The platform will connect wholesalers and individuals/ businesses/charities to redistribute unsold food in an efficient way, which is a problem on both ends.

Currently the supply chain does not exist for this, lets build something together to fill the gap that is very much needed.

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Accomplishments that we are proud of

First MVP was deployed successfully on Heroku

What's next for GetBread

If successful, we will want to continue expanding and adding features

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