Starting from the idea of improving the transport industry, by making innovative use of the data available. Because tiring of the drivers is a critical point we decided to tackle it.

What it does

It senses the driver tireness and adjust the cabin parameters, in order to return to normal conditions. We do this througth music and temperature.

How we built it

Is it a web-application built for the backend with Java and MySql, and javascript, html and CSS for the front end. It is hosted in Amazon Web Services.

Challenges we ran into

1)Decide which are the parameters to asses for our issue. 2)Making sense of the data available. 3)Search for the correlation, between the data available and the parameters 4)How this is interpreted by our application..

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Use music as a way to keep the road safer.

What we learned

Solving real life problem with real time thinking. Data processing and business modelling.

What's next for GETAPP

Connect it with real sensors, the automation side.

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