Nigeria is one of the most populous countries worldwide. There are almost 50 million mobile internet users in Nigeria. There are people out there who offers services that are in high demand in the country, the internet is the best way to connect them with those who need their services or skills. Although, there are freelance platforms that connect skilled persons to customers, these platform are mostly limited to experts and professionals who already have the skills.

Our solution

A platform where people with diverse skills meet potential clients looking to hire and where people without skills learn skills.


Skills such as web development, graphics design, content writing, and many more are in high demand in the country, a good platform where you can connect with people offering this services in real time will be a good time and energy saver. Also to a person who offers services, it will be an added oppourtunity to have an online presence.

Compared to existing solutions

We will create a platform that allows easy access and navigate. Also we will be creating a skill aquisition section for people looking learn a skill, by connecting them with tutors. Think of a platform where you can Learn , Earn and Hire .

Why we are a good fit to build this solution

My team is composed of innovative individuals, we work to produce.

Future plans

After winning the competition we'll work to better our product, by introducing an SMS system where users can be updated on activties on their profiles. We'll also introduce a secure transaction platform by integrating blockchain transaction system.

Our belief

We believe we can make this work by creating a wide awearness on the media. If we can encourage this type of job creation oppurtunities, the Nigeria economy will be positively affected as unemployed graduates will be taken off the streets and crime rate will reduce.

Thank you. Team Sigma.

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