We were inspired by Uber to be honest, but we also wanted to make it for the local community because the impact of Corona has really hurt our local economy.

What it does

You can go and view any catalogue of bikes available and email the certified rental place to get the bike.

How we built it

We first made the layout of the site using HTML then we coded it in with Scss and JavaScript to add a nice look to the webpage. Parcel to host and run the website on our local folder. Since we were new to Scss and Parcel we had to learn as we went.

Challenges we ran into

No one in our team had any proper experience with web development so, in order to solve this, we all followed along with a tutorial and got used to programming for web development then we started making it on our own. When we would get stuck he used sites like StackOverflow for help.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud that we actually were able to finish the site. At first, we thought that we would not be able to make a decent site in 24 hours but luckily we were able to.

What we learned

We learned how to use Scss, it was easier than we thought at first everything was all confusing but my the first hour we got used to it and by the end, we were almost a pro at using Scss.

What's next for GetABike

If we continue to work on this then we will figure out how to get it hosted and we will maybe add a google maps integration into the site to track the bikes using trackers.

Follow the instructions for the GitHub

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