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Get2Work is a b2b/b2g platform tailored to help companies and other organisations optimize employees’ revenue through transportation costs. The platform is especially well suited for organizations where employees are required to travel between clients, and can do so using available metropolitan mobility services. These type of companies and organizations may include, but not limited to, social workers companies, nurses and medical services, IT technicians services or any other company where the employee does not need to carry a significant load. Whenever an employee is required to travel to her next client, the platform finds the financially optimal transportation mean for her using a sophisticated algorithm that takes into account many available variables like: estimated arrival time, estimated ride price, employee’s worth per time, employee’s salary, time of day and weather conditions. There are many variables that may affect the reflected cost for the management.

The platform introduces an alternative currency and payment system that reflects the optimal solution to the employee. The currency is reduced from a given monthly budget. Any unused budget is paid to the employee at the end of the month as a bonus. This way the employee is encouraged to take the optimal ride option, but he is not obliged to do so.

Benefits The organization can benefit from Get2Work platform by encouraging their employees to travel by the most profitable option among many available and at the same time to enhance the organisational democratisation values by letting the employee do the final decision by himself. Moreover, the manager can also introduce the platform as a mutually beneficial alternative for letting an employee use a car, and this way the organisation can further incorporate additional environmental values into their ecosystem. Internal financial simulations has shown that a 25% growth in revenue may be achieved.

The employee can benefit from using the platform by having the opportunity to make his individual choice regarding the best travelling option to the next client. He can decide whether to upgrade his riding option or to leave a larger unused traveling budget that will be converted into a bonus at the end of each month.

A detailed case study Sarah is a relatively experienced IT technician in a private company based in London and services the local city residents. If Sarah were a newly recruited intern then her manager may have simply ask her to use the cheapest available transportation service. On the other hand, if Sarah was a senior technician her manager may ask her to take the fastest available service. Since Sarah is neither of which, the answer is not trivial and there are many variables that lead to the financially optimal answer. So, after Sarah is ready for a her next travel during her working hours she opens her application and enters her next client address. The application then uses HEREmobility SDK to find the available services, together with estimated arrival times and prices.

This information is bundled together with additional management input and is reflected back to Sarah as an alternative currency whereas the most affordable option presented is essentially the financially optimal solution for the company.

Technologies used Get2Work relies on several technological modules. One of them is the crucial component of surveying the current traveling options for an employee and receiving the different estimated traveling times and prices for each option. This is done by using HEREmobility’s Mobility Demand package, through the published SDK.

The platform is also highly dependent on a sophisticated algorithm that is fed with multiple variables and correctly calculates the optimal transportation service. The algorithm is utilized by a statistical driven optimization technique, which is developed by the group members.

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