Inspiration-- We have seen many high schoolers struggle with getting sufficient amounts of sleep, so we decided to develop a website that could potentially send reminders and help manage time to better sleeping habits.

What it does--The user enters the daily amount of sleep that they get, and using their data, we plot it on a graph, and we calculate the average.

How we built it-- we used HTML and JavaScript to build the website from scratch.

Challenges we ran into-- This is the first time we have used the HTML and JavaScript language, so figuring out the correct syntax for everything was a struggle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of-- We really like the layout, color scheme, and design of our website.

What we learned-- we learned a lot about Hackathons from this experience, because it is our first time attending

What's next forget your zzz's we hope to continue the refine and polish the website. If it works out, we will turn it into an app and pitch it to our school, so our peers can download our app and better their sleeping habits.

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