It's important that we learn about security vulnerabilities so we can protect ourselves from potential attacks. The best way to protect yourself from a security attack is to understand how the attack works, and the most engaging and fun way to learn about attacks is to successfully mount an attack yourself.

What it does

We use the Bluemix hosting service to spin up instances of web sites and applications which have know security vulnerabilities. We then teach the student about a certain type of attack, how it works, and invite them to employ that attack method to hack into a real live running website. We then teach them how to protect against the attack and have them fix the site so they can see first hand how the protection works.

How we built it

We are using Bluemix to run instaces of web sites and apps which have security vulnerabilities for students to attack. The site iteself is also running on the Bluemix service.

The site is built using Meteor.js framework.

Challenges I ran into

Getting Meteor deployed to Bluemix.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Multiple instances of the vulnerable application running in Bluemix so that users have a pool of servers to work with.

What I learned

How to launch and host multiple different types of apps through Bluemix

What's next for Get With The Club

We didn't get to the second part of the lesson, which is to show the student how to prevent the attack.

Adding more tutorials for different types of security vulnerabilities.

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