Inspiration: Many people need to get tested and need to know which hospitals and clinics are around them.

As testing becomes a vital mechanism for controlling the spread and people "knowing their status", knowledge of where to get tested is necessary. However, since many testing centers have not been made public or are only open to people with more severe symptoms at this time, knowledge of where all hospitals are located is also necessary.

One of the goals is for people to be able to put in their address and locate the nearest testing center in their area.

How we built it

We used the Google Map API to select all of the hospitals in the New York City area. Then, our team created a search algorithm to match the sites that are able to test the COVID-19 and create markers on Google Maps. The lists include the testing and drive through COVID-19 centers.

What it does

What it does: Currently, the extension is able to map out all of the hospitals that are in your area, specifically in the new york area, but can be changed to different areas.

We plan to update the map with testing enters as they become available. Just this past weekend Mayor Bill De Blasio announced that they will be working on creating community testing centers.


Challenges: The challenges we faced were that many of the testing center location data is not available. We now know of 3 to 4 testing centers, in the New York area, but they are by appointment only. One thing we could do is add information about how to contact those testing centers so that people can get in contact with them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Accomplishments: Some accomplishments that we are proud of is that we were able to figure out how to use the Google Maps API in order to put this map together. Another thing we are proud of is that we were able to build something that we feel could be meaningful to many people looking for testing.

What's next for Get Tested

We would like to continually update this map as we get more information on the testing sites that are come online. This project can easily be scaled to other areas, and as we continue to get more information on testing locations, we will keep updating the map.

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