A $21 billion market, sponsorship is the fastest growing marketing spend, ahead of sales promotion and advertising. To add some color, 94% of all restaurants sponsor.

That means businesses get too many requests in phone calls and emails. We spoke with a few of them. Pop Gelato gets sponsorship requests every other day. Sports Basement receives 150 requests per month.

On the other end, sponsorees spend too much time soliciting from businesses with nothing to give. I once visited 10 stores before finding 1 sponsor - Mimi's Cafe!

What it does

Get Sponsored is a sponsorship marketplace where sponsors and sponsorees can find each other efficiently and get recommended of future sponsorship opportunities.

Sponsorees browse and claim requests, manage their sponsorship goals, and get recommended on new potential sponsors.

Sponsors post their sponsorship availabilities, approve and deny claims, track sponsorship history, manage tax savings, and get recommended of relevant opportunities that fit their marketing goals.

Why this matters?

Sponsorees can find the resources they need to execute their events, and sponsors have new channels for advertising.

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