Based on personal experience, get smart(er) aims to solve the age-old question of how much sleep should you get vs time spent studying. After pulling multiple all-nighters to meet deadlines and getting mediocre grades (93-95), we decided that we will make a calculator that all students could use in order to determine how much sleep and how much time someone should spend studying.

What it does

Get Smart(er) is a website which provides several useful functions, one of them being the main OR algorithm which can tell you how much sleep vs studying you should do based off how much sleep you have had the night before and how much time you have.

It also provides the function of testing out our algorithm, by refactoring our algorithm such that we rearranged the variables you can test it by putting in your recent test score and depending on the other variable it will output studying time or sleeping time

How we built it

The first step to the building phase was to find research and data to model our algorithm. After 10 pages of notes, we compiled the most relevant data into two functions

fstudy(min) = the percent grade increase based on the number of minutes fsleep(min) = the percent grade decrease past 9.5 hours of sleep (570min)

After we worked a long time on the UI and the website. Implementing chart.js in order to display our data as well as use CSS for the first time in a hackathon context meant that we were not super efficient.

Then once the website was finished we linked the .Tech domain!

Challenges we ran into

Our major problem was in finding data to create our algorithm and to implement it using HTML elements and js. Our whole group is comprised of beginners (3 grade 10s and 1 grade 9), meaning that there was lots of time wasted on execution as well.

Another big problem we ran into was that one of our teammates did not have a computer, so we were effectively working with 3 people for the half of the contest.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-OR algorithm to optimize test scores -extrapolating data to find study time and sleep time -A very clean CSS + HTML website -Chart.js implemented and working -A working .tech website

What we learned

Planning and logistics playing a big role in what you make. APIs and UI play a very big role in the process so we learned to make sure not to neglect the GUI in return working on the UI. Algorithms are hard to model but are super worth it.

What's next for Get Smart(er)

With the algorithm done, a few more changes are going to make to account for the difficulty so that we can process a whole array of tests and homework and find which combination via OR will give the best result.

By changing the x and y values we can change the algorithm to account for neural firing, as to stimulate learning vs sleep and studying time, making it more accessible for everyone.

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