We have unprecedented amounts of health data from the healthcare system, RPMs, wearables and apps. While we can do more about our health than ever before, aggregating and interpreting this data is hard and expensive. Web3 tools allow for incentive mechanisms to be deployed and resolve what may be the biggest challenge in healthcare (patient adherence and engagement).

What it does

Our web2 MVP demonstrates our ability to onboard basic health data and instantly generate an anonymous interpretation of the data for the user. This first Web functionality will demonstrate our ability to create a wallet and deposit Easylabs crypto for every user on the platform in order to reward them for engaging with their health data and motivate them to improve their health for which they will keep earning.

How we built it

We prioritized user experience and wanted users to use web3 technology without any knowledge or effort. We searched for a way to achieve it and finally found Metakeep.
We used Metakeep API to create a wallet and mint a token without user interaction. All web3 processes happen behind the stage, and the user cannot notice any difference from other Web2 services.

Challenges we ran into

It is impossible to achieve our goal of user experience without proper service. But fortunately, we found Metakeep, which provides the services we were looking for. We struggled to learn and setup the environment to use the API, but we succeeded in implementing those APIs into our service.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This team came together in a matter of hours, me as the non-technical CEO just north of Toronto, Ivan and Jiho just moved to Canada in recent days and Nisarg is in Montreal and had to work all day Saturday. And yet, we managed to figure out the current web2 layout, the 3rd party APIs and how to make it all work (kind of).

What's next for Get paid to get healthy

We will clean up the bugs, figure out the way to allow users to log back in using the same wallet and redeem their wallet, figure out which tokenomic models can be deployed as a part of the MVP and present the only platform in the world that literally pays you to get healthy.

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