We were inspired by the example of centuries of ancient, old, and venerable Chinese values and culture; also a lot of Chinese ballads, some UCSB students and the current war on common sense by American politicians. Eaman Tang's facial profile; that is to say his bones; were also a central feature of our efficacious program.

What it does

It provides fun for the whole family, including but not limited to moms dads kids, grandma grandpa, the unemployedn and undergrateful incel living in the attic also known as your washed up uncle, as well as most family pets--with the rare and uncommon exception of goldfish. Unfortunately, we were not able to confirm that goldfish found our program of any value. It also challenges every social norm and sensible idea familiar to mankind. Our goal was to shock our audience with the intention to, believe it or not, shock them. We find that creating something enjoyable has a high correlation with making people happy; making people happy is just what we do. Even though there's been some hurdles in the past, we are coming up on new horizuns and a brite future.

How we built it

We built it with elbow grease and pizza grease, also by breathing air and combusting surgars; also included was some good luck and help from resident genius of computers Jim Wang of UCSB. Mr. Wang is a highly intelligent and unique individual; i would recommend him for any line of work besides rice farming.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a few challenges, mainly charlie wu and eaman, who collided with each other upon exiting the restroom. the professional inquest revealed that, most likely, although certainly not surely, the blame lies with charlie, as charlie is in general a most inthoughful and unconsiderate individual; also he crumples the paper when he wipes his butt. in any event, the collision in front of the restroom resulted in no major deaths or casualties, although eaman found that his collision radius had increased.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Had a lot of fun. Finished the project. Made Eamans head spin.

What we learned

We learned that making games on Unity is a lot of fun. We also discovered that the nutriments and edibles at MTSACHACS is pretty legit. 10/10 for the food.

What's next for Get Over It UCSB AACF edition

I don't know, but over at UCSB AACF its our special quality to set up a bunch of unnecessary and stupid obstacles for ourselves, so im sure itll be a clown fiesta. Hopefully we get over it.

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