Did you know only 55.5% of the eligible voting population in the US voted in 2016? Why shouldn't we work to get that higher by making it easier for people to register to vote and find their voting location? Here's how we'll do it, using Progress and third party APIs.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) releases information to the public about money that’s raised and spent in federal elections — that’s elections for US President, Senate, and House of Representatives.The FEC API is one of many RESTful web services available for informing voters about candidates and where to vote.

The FEC API endpoint is a seamless fit with the Autonomous REST connector or HDP to expose this endpoint as a SQL queryable datasource. The front end interface, such as web portals, mobile apps, or chatbots, might collect information from the user such their location (to determine applicable regional elections, voting sites, voting dates). It could also allow users to dictate what is important to them in a candidate: party affiliation, historical record (previous races they've entered).

Corticon, meanwhile, could use rules leveraging data gathered about the user's preferences and location to help them verify that a candidate meets their criteria-- party affiliation, historical record, types of donors...

Other potential add on functionalities could be

  • leveraging HDP to expose the data about which locations are requesting info the most to a BI visualization tool, to encourage get out the vote campaigns in those areas.

  • Alexa skill to do the same type of interaction

Built With

  • arc
  • corticon
  • google-election-query-api
  • hdp
  • nativechat
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