When we saw what Clarifai's powerful visual analysis engine can achieve, we decided to create a visual analysis application that redefine the way we search.

What it does

Get Me This helps the user to query for things visually. For example, if a user saw a person walking by in a fancy outfit and wonders he can get them, he can take a photo of him and Get Me This will return a series of matching descriptions based on the photo. The user selects what he is looking for from the list (for example "_ style jeans "), and Get Me This will query Google Maps to find a list of places that sells " style jeans _". User goes to a suggested place and got what he wanted :)

How I built it

I used Android Studio to build the app. For visual analysis I used the Clarifai API to query for descriptive tags associated with the photos. I filtered these tags and presented them to the user to choose the best option(s). I then utilized the Google Map API to search for places with the user's options as the query.

Challenges I ran into

I initially wanted to make use of Clarifai's custom training API to improve accuracy on the app's imagine recognition abilities over time. However, we found out that Clarifai only offers API through javascript and Python; the java implementation is still in development. While one of our teammates tried to create the implementations on our own, we found too many impasses during the limited time. We conceded by using Clarifai's general APIs, and we devised a set of filters to take out irrelevant words, enabling the image search results to be more accurate.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is the first MLH hackathon that I have been to and I am also very new to Android Studio and have not worked with APIs before. At the end of this hackathon, my team and I have managed to create a complete application that works perfectly. I am proud of building this app, and the team effort that went into it.

What I learned

I have learned the basics of application development, how to interact with APIs and the power of image recognition to create innovative applications. I wish to learn more cool things in upcoming hackathons!

What's next for Get Me This

We want to mainly focus on getting the app to return more accurate description tags for the photos. We want to explore more on the Clarifai API and try to get its custom training algorithm to work on our android application. In the future, we want to release this app on the Google Play Store.

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