Our inspiration was derived from our experience with procrastination and our desire to stay focused. As college students, we are oftentimes busy, stressed, or tired of doing the same routine every single day. Our team agreed that we would love a fun and simple tool to help us get us on track to succeed.

What it does

Being a college student is hard. Some folks have a jam-packed schedule, while others continue to search for new and interesting things to do. There are some who listen to music to focus on their work, and there are some who listen to music to destress. Whatever your situation may be, the Get-Me-Going web application is designed to foster productivity, with resources to keep you on track for work. The simple aesthetic of the application helps you focus on the only things you REALLY need to get your work done: a to-do list, a cool selection of background music, and new skills to learn when you need a break or when your to-do list is complete. No matter how big or small your to-do list is, Get-Me-Going will put you into the cool and collected headspace necessary to achieve your goals!

How we built it

We built the web app using Flask to host the backend. The frontend was created with HTML/CSS/Javascript with Bootstrap. We built it using different templates and tutorials to construct each component.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into the challenge of setting up our environment and learning a new area of Python with Flask.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of building our own virtual environment and learning Flask. We are also happy to have created a space for people to learn new skills, stay on track with music, and have a daily to-do list, all in one convenient place.

What we learned

Andy- I learned that having an idea of a programming language and environment to use to link with a coding project can definitely help smoothen the process of working in a team. Keagan- I learned that thinking of a project idea is usually simple, but building it can take a lot of patience and flexibility. I also learned that dividing tasks according to strengths within the team can help move the project forward! Thomas- I learned how to manage the backend of a website and work under pressure.

What's next for Get-Me-Going

We can expand upon the web application by adding more buttons with convenient tools. Other spaces can be a calendar, drawing pad/notebook, map, etc. We also want to involve the Flask database to personalize each user’s selection of music. This is one of the reasons why we wanted to use Flask in the first place.

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