I'm sure you all have driven an extra mile to go to the “cheaper” gas station. Everyone wants to save a dollar or two on the gas bill, but are you really saving money? Who's to say you didn’t spend more on the gas you burned driving there than you saved? That's where GetMeGas comes in. It’s an app that finds the absolute least expensive gas stations near you, instantly, saving you your hard earned money.

 We’re college students, we know the value of saving a dollar whenever we can. It’s a universal thing, we all like to keep our money. So we’ve targeted every person who has ever pulled up to a pump and watched their wallet lighten by the gallon. With a huge, user driven database of gas stations and prices from MyGasFeed, we have the resources to give users the best possible options of where to fill up, and those options get better as you use the app!  In the same way that Waze has revolutionized the ability to track police activity, GetMeGas will revolutionize how you search for a gas station.

 Saving money isn’t the only benefit the app, it also makes it amazingly simple. With this, drivers don’t have to worry about being distracted with searching for signs on the side of the road, or messing around with their phones. Once you launch the app, you’re two clicks away from directions to the best possible gas station, for you. When you’re done filling up, click the button again, and you’re back on your way to your destination. It’s a seamless experience that fits right into the Google Navigation UI, floating in a bubble on the side of the screen waiting. You won’t even notice it’s there until you need it. Even when you have to modify the settings, the app presents a simple, slider based UI to input you fuel preferences, car mpg, and how far you’re willing to go to get the best price, so you can quickly get back to using your phone.

 We know that you can’t always get an internet connection when you’re on the road, so we made an app that’s totally self-contained. The app can access and cache the MyGasFeed API data on the device while you’re travelling, and interface with Google Navigation’s features, even if you lose your internet connection for a while. If you’re connected to the internet, we plan on implementing an option of server side computation, for even faster, more detailed results.

            We hope to be able to expand upon this concept in in the future, and work towards integrating it more directly into major navigation services such as Waze and Google Navigation. Our app allows for seamless and speedy transitions between navigation and the necessary gas stop that could be a killer feature for either of these navigation focused services. We hope that GetMeGas will change the way people go about saving that extra at the pump.
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