Good to know before you start: GET LUCKY • TODAY is not a design concept, but a completely functional application that implements all features mentioned below. Make sure to see for yourself on the live website.

🤔 Why GET LUCKY • TODAY and what is that?

Online sweepstakes offer an excellent way to increase and maintain customer or audience engagement. Thousands of businesses and individuals (e.g. social media influencers) organise such games to gain followers and brand recognition. Every year millions of dollars are handed out as prizes and marketing experts commonly agree that the power of online contests will increase even more in the upcoming years.

However, these games are only fun until you actually win one. Right after you become the lucky winner, an endless hassle starts with registering your personal information, discussing delivery options and exchanging banking or taxing information. Months later, when you receive your prize, the excitement is long gone and you wish to never have entered the game. But organisers can’t be blamed. Administrating everything related to a contest is extremely difficult and gets even worse when the prizes have to be delivered to the winners.

This is why we created GET LUCKY • TODAY, a digital platform that takes over every task in the lifecycle of online sweepstakes. It is extremely easy to use and works all around the world, even for cross-border contests. GET LUCKY • TODAY is an effective way to incentivise followers, extend a customer base or just to reward the audience. To deliver this completely digital experience, the platform uses the powerful features of BlinkSky, which allows us to register and deliver gift cards in real-time. BlinkSky also makes it possible to universally find the perfect gift card solution for any target audience.

The platform was built from the ground up to be as versatile as possible. For example, it can be used out of the box to manage Instagram sweepstake campaigns; organise contests at a workplace to reward employees; or increase awareness of a new product.

🎉 What’s included?

For event organisers

Individuals and businesses can signup to GET LUCKY • TODAY by entering only a little information, and right away they can publish new sweepstake events to the public. The Organiser Dashboard then provides a convenient way to track and manage campaigns.

To start a new sweepstake event, organisers have to enter its details, timing information along with the required steps to participate and the available prizes. They can define as many action steps for participants as they would like, for example, they can ask to follow their page on Instagram, share a post on Facebook or like one of their Tweet. They can also set up the prize pool of the campaign. The platform supports all available BlinkSky gift cards, therefore the organisers can select a combination of merchants and card values at their will. Of course, we make sure that they have the required balance on their account before launching the campaign.

As soon as the above details are entered the event gets live on and organisers can share it with their unique link. Following the start of the campaign, the platform opens the event for participants and keeps it open until the closing date. Organisers can track the registered participants live in the Organiser Dashboard and they can verify that the participant has completed all the required steps. It is also possible to disqualify someone if needed.

When the campaign finishes, GET LUCKY • TODAY automatically raffle the winners based on the available prize pool. Immediately after, it delivers the prizes through BlinkSky to all the winners who can instantly use them in their BlinkSky wallets. It’s easy, fast and completely secure.

For participants

When someone navigates to the public page of a GET LUCKY • TODAY event they are also able to check out its details and timing. The complete prize pool is also visible along with the delivery information.

The required steps defined by the organisers are displayed in an interactive form. The participants can navigate through each of the steps; visit the linked social media account or posts; and mark the action as completed. When they are finished, the platform will ask for their social media account handles, to make the verification of completed steps easier. In order to only collect necessary information the platform dynamically recognises which account handles are needed and only those fields are displayed.

That’s all it takes to take part in a GET LUCKY • TODAY sweepstake. Now participants can sit back and hope that they are going to be among the selected winners. When the announcement happens, the shortened name of the winners are displayed in the event and each winner will receive an email with the redeem link of the BlinkSky Gift Card.

💻 How was it built?

GET LUCKY • TODAY is a React application that is available in all major browsers. For UI components it uses the Ant Design System, which was heavily customised with less to get a modern and minimal look. State management was implemented using the industry-standard Redux library. The platform uses Firebase as its backend, which guarantees secure authentication and heavily protected data storage as well. For every component, high code quality was ensured with Typescript and ESlint modules.

A simple proxy server was also created to handle the BlinkSky authentication requirements as a Firebase Cloud Function. This also handles the card catalogs and delivery requests of the gift cards.

During the development, we followed the lean design principles. The process started with interviewing both sweepstake organisers and participants to understand their problems and the current way of handling such contests. Along with he development, the application was continuously tested with real users and their feedback was implemented as well. This ensured that the platform offers excellent user experience for all of our users.

🤩 Where can I try it?

The fully functional application is available at, where you are to able sign up as a sweepstake organiser or a participant. Because the application is completely public please be aware that the database is regularly reset to clear garbage information.

🚀 What’s next?

GET LUCKY • TODAY was published in a beta version, and we already see areas ready for improvement. More complex error handling, wider region support, performance improvements and in general, deeper testing for edge cases is required. There are also minor security issues that have to be addressed as soon as possible. At the same time we are already designing new features that we are excited to launch soon.

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