Get It Done... Why?

Even in this age of smartphones and all the conveniences it offers, for many people nothing beats a pocket notebook for making quick notes on tasks throughout the day. The aim of Get -IT- Done is bring some of the ease and simplicity of the pocket notebook and add a dash of the amenities we enjoy from smartphones every day.

Get It Done... How?

Get -IT- Done has a simple homepage where the user enters a short message, representing a task, and a time. The user has the option to indicate a specific time or an amount of time from when the message is created. The application then provides reminders to the user of their message in intervals via push notifications. Once the task is completed, the user can easily dismiss it or save the task to be placed into their schedule the next day.

Get It Done... With What?

The application was built in Android Studio using Java and XML. We also used Firebase to handle the application data.

Get It Done... Despite Complications

Initially we intended to handle the data locally, but reading and writing files with the Android application proved much more difficult than anticipated. This was compounded by our team's relative inexperience with developing Android applications. Additionally, creating the pages of the application took the bulk of our development time and some of the planned features for the application had to be set aside.

Get It Done... While Learning

Overall, we have become much more confident in developing Android applications and in cooperating as a team. We also had many lessons in adopting new approaches to development hurdles and knowing when to scrap previous work when necessary.

Get It Done... Later

The team would like to continue Get -IT- Done by implementing intended features which were cut through the course of the weekend. Additionally, we would like to expand the note-taking capabilities of the application with notes provided through verbal commands or written on tablets.

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