Get It Done (Hack Quarantine)

A productivity web app that helps keep track of assignments and due dates for each teacher. It also keeps the teacher's contact info all in one place to allow for easy submission of work.

This is my submission for the Hack Quarantine Hackathon on Devpost

The Start of an Idea

While staying in quarantine, I realized that it was getting a bit tedious to keep track of all of my work and when they were due. My teachers had many different ways of getting assignments to me, meaning there was no central place to keep all of my assignments. I knew many other students were going through this same issue, so I decided that for this hackathon, I will help other students like me stay on top of their work and Get It Done!

About this project

For this project, I used React for the frontend of the website, and Firebase to handle the backend (specifically Firebase Auth, Firestore, and Firebase hosting)

Fun fact, I built this in a week :D Whether or not that this is obvious is up to interpretation

I learned a lot about web development during this, and I'm grateful to have taken apart of something that has helped me learn so much.

Who is this for?

Students who need to keep track of all of their assignments and send them to their teachers when ready

Link to Demo

Get It Done


Mohammed Akinbayo

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