We saw a puppy dog locked inside a car which led to this particular idea. We wanted to bring a solution to reduce and eliminate the death of pets.

How it works

When most of the automakers in the industry are looking at connecting cars and making them more smart by increasing the security features and other things. We at team Get Insyde are trying to address the problem as it has never been done before. We are trying to solve the problem by saving kids and pets. Car is essential a metal box. On a sunny day, the temperature increases by 20 degrees in 10 minutes. Even to such extreme temperature and suffocation more than 600 kids have passed away and numerous pets too. This kind of extreme temperature adverse effect is called Hyperthermia. Our team is going to build the technology with the help on Mercedes Benz's on board technology. The issue is solved by using various sensors like motion detector, infrared camera, force sensitive resistors, temperature sensors and gas sensors to name a few. By doing so we are planning to build a rescue system that alerts the user about a kid or pet inside the car and also to make the air conditioner and windows work in such a way to rescue the kid or pet inside the car.

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