Brought to you by Toxuus, Get Inspired provides ScienceVerse users to post or view inspiring ideas related to exciting articles in ScienceDirect. These ideas can be turned into fruitful research projects and interesting articles. HOW DOES GET INSPIRED WORK? Get inspired by the ideas attached to articles you access on ScienceDirect. Share also your own ideas for others' benefit for possible realization if the article you download triggers an interesting idea in your mind. As you share your ideas, you will also have chance to save your ideas. Remember, if you do not write down your ideas, it is very likely that they will disappear. GET INSPIRED SCREENSHOTS

  WHY SHOULD I USE IT? * Get Inspired by the shared ideas to build your own research on. * Share your ideas you cannot or would not realize yourself. * Get Inspired for your future research ideas. * Share your ideas to add an interdisciplinary dimension to a related published work. * Save your research ideas. * Contribute to advancement of science and technology in the direction you want.HOW QUALIFIED ARE MY IDEAS? We call these ideas Inspirations. So, to be specific, what is and what is not an Inspiration? Inspiration is a professional comment or suggestion triggered by an article in ScienceDirect, which has sufficiently strong potential to be turned into a research project and/or article. A simple comment, response to a previous inspiration, and/or critics of an article is not considered as Inspiration unless these contain important information for possible research project and/or article. To add an inspiration it is not necessary to read the entire article. The posted ideas may be wrong or incomplete due to incomplete knowledge about the entire article. This is OK! Yes, it's OK! There is nothing to be shamed of here, since the mission of Get Inspired is to create a large database consisting of reasonable ideas which can lead to many interesting projects in this way or the other. ABOUT TOXUUS Get Inspired is brought to you by Toxuus. Toxuus is invitation-only online platform for enhancing interaction of scientists, researchers, engineers, companies, and institutions from diverse fields of science and engineering around the world to facilitate the publication of high-impact rich number of articles, development of greatest projects, applications, and products with only little effort. Toxuus provides users simple to use knowledge management tools for best possible interaction with new colleagues. Get Inspired is one of many features available in Toxuus. You can learn more from For invitations please contact with 'Get Inspired User' in the subject line. TOXUUS SCREENSHOTS






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