This project was inspired by a desire to learn and build with AR. We decided to create a meal ordering application because there are a lot of business opportunities and a lot of uses from virtual menus to ordering to adding nutritional information pop-ups and customization options.

Our program allows businesses to show customers their meals right in front of them so that they can have a more immersive selection and ordering process.

We started by building a basic outline of what we wanted in python. Then, we started working with Unity and trying to learn to use virtual buttons. We really wanted to implement markerless AR that would allow users to select virtual "buttons"; however, at this time we have developed marker-based AR that allows users to sample what food they are ordering.

Our future goal for this project is to integrate our two prototypes providing a way for users to complete the ordering process in AR and then view their order on the table in front of them, with photos of the actual food taken using 360-degree photography.

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