Every business is driven by worker who working for a company. The right person will be helping their company to growing business fast and faster BUT recruitment has been disrupted by COVID-19. People avoiding close contact (Social Distancing). The way that applicants connect to the company is job finding website or company website. HR will spend time to parsing resume (estimate 100-200 file per day). To help HR to reduce time in resume parsing, Robotic are addressed to automate process on pre-selection candidate

What it does

  1. Extract applicants resume from job finding website or company website or company email
  2. Use AI to matching candidate with opened-job position.
  3. List all best match to HR to review.
  4. If HR confirm candidate's list, Robotic will automatically send interview appointment to all of candidate with multiple time-slot.

How I built it

Using Kryon RPA and Tesseract

Challenges I ran into

  • Difference resume pattern
  • Some case applicants attached resume with image format. It's quit challenging cause OCR in Thai language is not highly accurate.

What's next for Get hiring with the best matching candidate

Virtual interview

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