We were thinking of making a fun game. We got an idea for using food ordering and making that fun while ordering. We saw a tutorial on youtube about assebling different items together using react. So we used the idea of customizing ones own food in a fun way. Here our Get Chef Go will help to find a way to give you fun and customize your food yourself.

What it does

  • Our project is a web-based application aimed at customizing food in your own way and have a fun time while ordering. The app serves as a platform for food lovers to show creativity.
  • This way, the app not only creates a sense of community but also sense of satisfaction while ordering food.
  • Users can create his/her own menu, customize his/her own food and then order.

How we built it

  • We focused on building our site using ReactJS
  • We shared code via GitHub.
  • We attempted deployment via Heroku, but got it to run successfully locally.

Challenges we ran into

  • As 3/4 members of our team are beginners and none of us had a lot of experience with React, taking up this project was pretty challenging.
  • We ran into several issues while coding and pushing code to repositories, which we solved with each others' as well as mentors', help.
  • One of the biggest challenges was collaborating on one project along with four people. However, we were able to divide up tasks. We hung out on Google Meet to talk about any problems we ran into and shared our thoughts and random ideas as well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are proud that we were able to develop a React app with of the functionality we had planned on achieving and enjoyed tackling the issues and bugs as a team! We learnt a lot of things in just 36 hours and we made a fun game for people while ordering their food.

What we learned

  • As none of the team members had prior knowledge of React , we learnt quite a lot about these technologies by jumping right into building something llike Get Chef Go.
  • We also learned time-management and collaboration since we're from different cities and the hackathon was virtual.

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