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Corporate Insurance usually has poor Customer experience.

  1. With the heavy administrative process
  2. Lack of bespoke offers
  3. Low level of services post-purchase
  4. No option for online purchase.
  5. Lack of transparency in the whole process.

What it does

Turning corporate insurance management from a complex obligation into a daily relief.

Personalize, subscribe and manage all your insurances instantly in one place. Say goodbye to paperwork and agents, access all information on your policies, prices, billing, claims, and more in just a few clicks.


  • 7 minutes to be insured → We want you to focus on growing your business, so we reduced the time it takes to insure your business and employees.
  • Personalisation → Full flexibility on your insurance plans to best suit your business.
  • Transparency → No hidden conditions. No hidden fees.
  • Strong User experience → Our website is our pride, we have built it to make your insurance easy and simple.
  • Paperless → We believe in paperless existence, for the best reasons.
  • Centralized storage of all insurance documents → Access all information on your policies, rates, billing, claims, and more in just a few clicks.
  • Automatic renewals and reminders → A sure-fire way to ensure ZERO lapses in your insurance plans.

How we built it

We help of Blacaz team mission is to turn your corporate insurance management from a complex obligation into a daily relief.

Our awesome team hard work and persistence.

And leveraging on HubSpot CMS Functionalities, HubSpot API's, CRM Platform, Marketing Hub, Sale Hub. And the ability to integrate them with ReactJS framework and JAVA programming for wrapping the API's we were able to integrate with PandaDoc to sign contracts, Sharepoint to store documents and Payment processing such as Stripe and DBS Paynow for QR Scan. AWS for hosting this external services.

Challenges we ran into

We never built similar application before in HubSpot. No one in market did something similar to refer to, many said is not possible do it HubSpot. But finally with team hard work and persistence and client collaboration we achieved our end goal building this amazing product that provides never customer experience for buying corporate insurance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Now get any Corporate Insurance plan in 7 minutes with Blacaz

  1. Paperless
  2. Instantaneous
  3. Expert guidance
  4. Transparent policies
  5. Personalized options

What we learned

We should have used CMS Hub Enterprise for this project and HubSpot Server less function. And with new Quote templates we could have even avoided the use of PandaDoc. It would be huge time saver and more easy to maintain and more control to client.

What's next for Goal

Move entire project into CMS Hub Enterprise.

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