Many people who bought the Android watch have trouble navigating through it because the screen is too small for the finger to accurately select options and navigate through it. So we came up with the solution of using only hand gestures to control the navigation. This way only 1 hand (the hand with the watch) is needed, simplifying the use of the watch.

What it does

The watch will react to certain actions, such as snap, flick, tilt and twist. Depending on which action is done, the watch will react appropriately. For example, tilting wrist towards and away from the user will allow the watch's screen to scroll up or down. Flicking will trigger selecting an option on the menu.

How I built it

Using Android studio and the Presto library, we are able to define what each action will do to the watch.

Challenges I ran into

We didn't have enough experience with Android studio. So we were not able to finish or prototype.

What's next for Gesture Navigation

We want to incorporate Swype keyboard as one of the functionality. So that the watch can track the hand movement of the hand and reply text messages through the watch.

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