It is cool to have a light of your choice light up with just a finger gesture

What it does

Leap motion sensor is used to control the LED colors using PubNub software from laptop to raspberry pi. The leap sensor is connected to the laptop and the raspberry pi connects the LEDS.

How we built it

We didn't have much software connection. We installed a couple of software's such as LEAP SDK, JAVA Leap SDK, python, pip, The leap is a geature and accelerometer.

Challenges we ran into

We tried to use myo wrist band to connect to VR occulus and have a project on virtual reality controlling actuators. But the myro wrist band software once installed happened to not work well, didn't calibrate properly. The VR occulus was completely useless , it wasn't compatible with any laptops we had. So have the day was wasted in downloading and setting the hardware up

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite difficulties we have a full project completed. Had fun working with myo.

What we learned

We learned interfacing leap motion in java and transferring sensor data to raspberry pi which uses python scripts to control the Light

What's next for Gesture controlled smart lighting

Adding more sensors, be more accurate and field testing.

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