The amount of opportunities for integrating learning with everyday tasks grows everyday. With all that we do while we work, what can we do to make learning easier so that our days are more efficient? One way is to make it easier to interact with the material we need. Using Gesture, you can take the monotony out of scrolling and interacting with documents and files day to day, and make presenting a much more interactive process.

What it does

Gesture tracks an on-screen object (e.g. a block of solid color) and uses that input as a cursor, and gestures/hand-movements are used for other user inputs (clicking, scrolling, etc).

How we built it

We used Anaconda as a library manager and a mixture of Anaconda command prompt and Spyder for the interpretation of Python. We used an adhoc software development approach.

Challenges we ran into

To summarize, we had to change project objectives multiple times due to challenges with software and hardware incompatibilities. Programming in Python proficiently and efficiently was also a challenge with some of the team's minimal exposure to the language.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to develop a proof of concept and functional design on Windows. Object tracking and user input control were successfully implemented, which are important gateways to our ideal finished product.

What we learned

We as a team gained greater experience in Python and augmented reality concepts. We worked within Android Studio, Unity, Visual Studio, and Spyder practicing languages that were new for all of us. We didn't know these technologies coming into this project, but have all left with a vaster knowledge of the tools and resources available to us, and programming in general.

What's next for Gesture

Given the opportunity, we would have loved to implement object rotation, object zoom and panning, and other related data visualization techniques. GE can certainly benefit from integrating Gesture into Predix presentations that show customers data about infrastructure, industrial equipment, or whatever application is being utilized.

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