Gestural Music

The project allows a single user to create music through gestures using the Kinect v2 and Ableton Live. The system supports MIDI note generation, looping, partitioning the physical space for control of up to four separate instruments at once, and more, allowing for a user to build their own virtual band.

1. Getting Started

This project requires the following:

Unfortunately, the project is sensitive to the requirements of the Kinect SDK and may not run on all devices.

2. Installation

  1. Clone the repository to your local machine
  2. Copy Other/LooperOSC/midifile.class to <Max_Directory>/Max/Cycling '74/java/classes
    1. Alternatively, you can copy it to another directory and add the line max.dynamic.class.dir <path_to_class> to <Max_Directory>/Max/Cycling '74/java/
  3. Copy Other/LooperOSC/OSC-route.mxe to <Max_Directory>/Max\Cycling '74\max-externals

3. Running

The test project should be configured and ready to go, so start the Kinect app and the Ableton file, step back and enjoy!

4. Controls

Before you start playing, you need to set a baseline for your arm length. Reach out horizontally with both arms and make the Lasso handshape.

Built With

  • ableton-live
  • c#
  • kinect-v2
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