The COVID-19 virus has created a difficult situation in affected countries for accessing food, medicines and medical equipment. The lack of integration and automatization along the supply chain of these services creates additional difficulties in these critical times.

Our team has many years of experience in South America creating Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in order to help merchants manage and integrate their processes in an automated way, see here for more information.

Guided by our experience in the B2B sector, we want to extend our platform to the Health and Food sectors by providing a platform that allows hospitals, pharmacies and supermarkets to manage their inventory and logistics (transportation, providers, etc) in an automated way. Our platform will allow centralized visualization of inventory among hospitals, pharmacies and supermarkets in real time and with geolocation. We plan to start this initiative in Venezuela, Colombia and Chile, where we already have a solid experience establishing ERP solutions.

What it does

Gestore Healthcare is a simple to use app for inventory visualization that let pharmacies, grocery stores and hospitals to publish its inventory in real time. The app compares real time inventories of registered users with statistical information about hospital supplies. While more hospitals get involved with the app more accurate information is obtained.

How we built it

We used web development tools to implement the frontend and backend. React, JavaScript and nodejs. The app consume services from Gestore-Core, a platform connected to ERPs and logistic services in order to operate online stores.

Challenges we ran into

The more difficult part of the project is to obtain inventory information from each supplier in real time, it can be done using a direct connection with the ERP’s and inventory systems of each supplier.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a new app in a short period of time and redefining our core business in order to provide organizations with useful solutions.

What we learned

We learned how business models are able to generate social impact in our communities.

What's next for Gestore Healthcare

To incorporate additional functionalities (Social Networks and Marketplaces connections), to integrate more logistic operators, to integrate more Hospitals, Pharmacies and grocery stores, to get more users.

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