Picture this scenario - After a long day at work, you switch into your pajamas, and climb into a warm bed ready to fall asleep. But oh wait - you forgot to turn off the lights, and your stereo system downstairs is still blasting. With GEST, you can easily do these mundane household tasks with a swipe of a hand using our hand gesture sensor home automation system.

What it does

GEST is a motion controlled hardware attachment that can be taught to control common household devices including the light bulbs, sound system, and more. With a swipe of a hand, our recognition sensor is able to identify the movement and translate it to wanted actions.

Features of GEST includes the following:

User can stop/play, rewind, or change the volume of any iTunes music or movie file using hand gestures within local WIFI distance. User can control the lighting system in their home using hand gestures including switching on/off the lights, changing the intensity/dimness, and changing the colours of light source. How I built it

Objective C and xCode to make the iOS application Phillips Hue API for dynamic lighting system Leap Motion API for hand gesture recognition iTunes API with Leap Motion

Challenge I ran into

Bridging the Phillips Hue hardware on a local wifi Integrating the Leap-Motion gestures with the lighting system and iTunes Tracking the hand gestures with Leap Motion with a high degree of accuracy Unstable wifi

It works!

What I learned

Combining hardware and software Bridgind code with local hardware-controlled networks

Built with

Objective C, C++, xCode, OS X, Cocoa UI, Leap Motion, Philiips Hue, Fim da conversa no bate-papo

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