We loved the Nest idea of a smart Thermostat, that can study the behaviour of its user and provide a comfortable home. But we still wanted to be able to control all of it right from our couch. So, we thought and found out, that the best can be done using Gesture control.

What it does

It uses a Leap based application that talks and sends gestures to the android phone over the Wifi, to control the temperature, signalling for elevating and lowering at will.

How we built it

We primarily used Android and Java. We used the NEST API, the Leap API and Socket programming for implementing the communication over home Wifi.

Challenges we ran into

Leap implementation keeps running over an infinite loop to detect the hand movements and gestures at any point of time. We ran into an issue with the streamlining of gesture messages from the leap app to the android app. We solved it using the concept Sockets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We implemented few things like the communication between two remote hardwares using basic socket programming, which is a raw and major achievement, we feel we implemented a miniature IoT.

What we learned

We learned about an amazing application of software in everyday hardware. We were introduced to a wonderful sensor based technology Leap, which has huge potential.

What's next for Ges-Stat

Ges-Stat can be really big ! We want to take it further, as it can grow and spread as a very intuitive utility to help people in general and also patients, aged persons and the differently abled in accessing the power of these home automations without tiring a muscle. The idea can be imagined to become a gesture gadget that can integrate with any upcoming IoT and automation devices and configurable to be used to manipulate them.

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