Being a DJ in today's world is an expensive and complicated process. We aim to create a DIY solution for aspiring musicians to expand their creative ability.

What it does

Gerritt's Box acts as a standard MIDI(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) device that can work with any music production and performance software. The Gerritt's Box Mini feature 4 fully programmable buttons that can be used to trigger actions in software. It also feature responsive lighting effects that moves with the music and gives vital feedback to the musician.

How we built it

Under the hood, it is powered by an Arduino Micro, custom built circuit board and USB interface. The box is built from a 3D printed PLA-plastic body and an extra-strong PETG-plastic top. The two halves are held together by black alloy steel hex screws. The buttons are extra large to prevent accidental misses. The lighting effects are powered by 9 individually addressable NeoPixel LEDs.

Challenges we ran into

Interfacing with the almost 40-year-old MIDI standard proved to be a challenging task, however these we overcome by some research.

What we learned

Members of the team learned soldering and programing skills. We also learned a lot about MIDI controllers and music software.

What's next for Gerritt's Box

Next up is a bigger box with more buttons, sliders, and rotary switches. We also aim to built and release an app to control the lighting effects and mapping.

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