The fastest growing age group within the past couple of years has been the age range of 65-75 (US Census). Although in many cultures this is considered the wisest age group, the truth is that many seniors find themselves struggling as they face new problems in this new age.

What it does

The Android App has six main features: (1) Each day the app generates a different technology fact to try and help them become better educated with technology in today's society. (2) A family tree feature that allows for the creation of specific important family contacts. All contacts within the family tree can be called directly from the app. (3) A how to protect yourself from social engineering educational page. Senior citizens are the most targeted by social engineering hackers. One in five senior citizens will be the victim of online financial fraud. (4) A heart rate monitor page that can connect to a fitbit or applewatch to monitor for signs of heart attack, stroke, and natural disaster. Which is also connected to the family tree feature so that family members will receive a notification if anything were to happen. (5) A physical therapy link that connects to a website dedicated to helping patients remember their exercises, as well as a direct link to their clinician. (6) A health and wellness information page that lists common illnesses or conditions seniors are faced with, and their symptoms.

How we built it

We built the android app using Android Studio, and the physical therapy website was created using WIX.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenges regarding opening another page when a button on our app was pressed.

Built With

  • andriod-studio
  • wix
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