This skill and the service is inspired by a true story from the authors personal life and the Asian Indian geriatric community, senior citizens, who flock together with common shortcomings, a hidden dimension of impairment, different abilities, ennui, age related shortcomings and a common thread of a deep philosophical bend, an end to life here and a beginning elsewhere. Freedom of choice and independent living, a taste of freedom as presented in continuous innovation by Vayu Vaidya. Is that self determination supported by automated and remote care and yet cost effective, the answer is a resounding yes.

What it does

A suite of ready off the shelf solutions, including the care hub from Amazon Alexa, integrating family and professional support, second opinions and unlimited information, infotainment from Amazon and Vayu Vaidya, and the Panasonic Resyone bed wheel chair, autonomous and remote driven by a care provider for true independent living, with machine assistance. Smart home controls and armchair shopping, even remote work solutions for the geriatric community with inexpensive communications.

How we built it

We use services with cost effective hardware and software solutions, like the Amazon Echo Show, Fire Stick TV and Amazon Echo, combined with integrated smart home appliances and features like care-hub, integrated professional healthcare services, the Wyze band, Samsung health app and Google Fit. And the portal.

Challenges we ran into

Resyone, a Panasonic product faces similar hurdles as most autonomous navigation products and still awaits approval in the US markets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An integrated webring of vetted and patient testified telemedicine services, with a medical service that is insurance free. A host of infotainment skills by Vayu Vaidya and a collaboration with MetaEcho of University of New Mexico on further research on data collection and datamining from Resyone mobility solutions, proving independent living, with machine assistance.

What we learned

Technological progress, robotics is a boon to the need for choice, dignity and independence, and an end to the stigma of assisted living. Home Care is feasible with automation at a cost that is affordable, a viability is proven, with the dignity of senior living, the mobility and freedom of choice.

What's next for Geriatric Care: An Alexa Story

Future work involves the need for Wilderness Therapy in association to outdoor mobility and dual technology, a return to the elements, proven to have immense wellness benefits to all genres. Marketing in words of silence, proves that OBT and associated therapies, have a preventive medicine and invaluable contribution to wellness, with several testimonies, beyond known scientific explanations of phenomenology of medical effects.

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